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Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

chart lagu korea bulan febuary 2012

1: Lovey-Dovey, T-ara
2: To Turn Back Hands of Time, Lyn

3: I Will Love You, Hyorin

4: Sorrow, 10cm

5: You and I, IU

6: Without You, Dynamic Duo

7: Trouble Maker, Hyun A & Jang Hyun Seung

8: We Used To Be In Love, Davichi & T-ara

9: The Story of a Tall Bachelor, Jung Jun Ha

10: Grasshopper, SunnyHill

11: It's War, MBLAQ

12: Going Crazy, Teen Top

13: Moonlight Sets, Machsa Heora

14: How, Jessica & JP

15: I am going To You, The Wanted

16: To Live, Noel

17: The Loverville, J-Cera

18: The DJ Is Mine, Wonder Girls

19: Cry Cry, T-ara

20: Because It's You, Lee Hyun (8Eight)

21: Sweltering Seagull, Yoo Jae Seok

22: Like You, Wanted (Feat. IU)

23: Forget It, Young Jun (Brown Eyed Soul)

24: Entertainer, Leessang

25: Fool To a Fool, Haha

26: Saying What I Said Over and Over Again, Koyote

27: It's Cold, Song Ji Eun (of Secret)

28: Every Time I Hear This Song, Huh Gak & LE(EXID)

29: Be My Baby, Wonder Girls

30: The Western SKy, ULALA SESSION

31: MY MY, Apink
32: She's A Player, Baby Soul & Yoo Ji A

33: I'm Upset, Zia

34: Two Of Us, M-Signal

35: Hands Of The Clock, 36: I Miss You, Noel

37: Don't Be a Fool, Ali

38: Is That All You Got?, Fat Cat

39: Ma Boy 2, Electro Boyz (Feat. Hyorin)

40: Remembrance, Super Junior K.R.Y

41: Closer, Kim Yun Woo

42: The Charm of Samba, Gil (of Lessang)

43: I Only Have You In This World, RAN

Lagu korea terbaru

44: Chicken Soup (Young Gye Baek Sook), Jung Hyung Don

45: Hoi Hoi, Rainbow Pixie

46: Only U, As One

47: The Person I Loved, TaesabiaeSaturday, Feb

48: I Like You, Nam Jin & Jang Yun Jeong

49: Entertainer, Park Myeong Soo

50: Love Is Cruel, tim


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