Marie - The Aristocats 4

Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

daftar lagu korea bulan Mei 2012

1: Alone, SISTAR
2: Cherry Blossom Ending, Busker Busker
3: Volume Up, 4Minute
4: Leaving, Noel
5: Yeosu Night Sea, Busker Busker
6: First Love, Busker Busker
7: Fantastic Baby, BIGBANG
8: Love Is All The Same, Yangpa & Davichi & HANNA
9: Missing You Like Crazy, Tae Yeon
10: The Person That Loved You, Huh Gak
11: Someone Else, JYP (With Ga In)
12: Oh! My God, Girl's Day
13: The Flowers, Busker Busker
14: Princess and Prince Charming, Sunny Hill
15: After a Long Time, Baek Ji Young
16: Missing You, Baek Chung Kang
17: Venus, Shinhwa
18: Did You Forget, Lee Seung Chul
19: As Time Goes By, Lee Ha Yi
20: The Day Before, Nell
21: Not A Popular Song, Kim Yun Woo
22: Loneliness Amplifier, Busker Busker
23: Heaven, Ailee
24: Love Day, Yang Yo Seob & Jung Eun Ji
25: Ideal Type, Busker Busker
26: Hey You, CNBLUE
27: Love Like This, Lee Young Hyun28: Two Mari, BAE CHI GI machsa
29: Love Is Crying, K.Will
30: I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me, 2AM
31: Sherlock (Clue + Note), SHINee
32: Lead Me, SISTAR
33: Blue, BIGBANG
34: Teddy Bear, Lyn (Feat. Hae Geum)
35: April 19th, Apink
36: Tease Me, Seo In Kuk
37: Only One Love, One
38: Calling You, Busker Busker
39: Wait And Be Ready, Brave Guys
40: One Person Back Then, Kim Soo Hyun

41: Hands Of The Clock, Shinyoo
42: Perfume, Busker Busker
43: I Miss You, Baek Ayeon
44: At The Entrance To The Alley, Busker Busker
45: Spring Wind, Busker Busker
46: Can I Forget, Lee Jae-Hoon
47: Broke Up, Noel
48: Sad Love, Lee Jung
49: Parting Is All The Same, Yangpa & Shin Jong Kook
50: To Turn Back Hands of Time, Lyn

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