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[Quotes] Super Junior’s quotes compilation

“If the world betray Super Junior, E.L.F. will betray the world, too.” — E.L.F
“Super Junior it’s not a group who will extinct in two or three years. We will always be with E.L.F. for 20 or 30 years until E.L.F. doesn’t need us again.” —Leeteuk
“It’s because we have 13 members, if a member quit of our group each year, we can shine 13 more years!” — Leeteuk
“Without ELF, I’m just an empty shell. I’ll always love E.L.F., even if E.L.F. already forgot about SJ.” — Leeteuk
“I always want to cry when I see sapphire blue sea. I love you, E.L.F.!” — Leeteuk
“Kangin is still a very important member to me. Hangeng, too. No matter when he comes back I’ll still welcome him back warmly.” — Leeteuk
“If there were no E.L.F., Super Junior wouldn’t exist.” — Heechul
“And because E.L.F. are exist, Super Junior is eternal.” — Heechul
“All the most important thing is E.L.F. Thank you so much and I love you.” —Hangeng
“Everlasting, reliable defender E.L.F., I love you.” — Yesung
“We are Super Junior because there’s all 13 of us. We have to be 13 to be Super Junior and to be on stage. It’s not a team where a member is bad or good, but we shine the best when all 13 of us are together.” — Kangin
“As like as we (Super Junior and E.L.F.) started together, let’s put up the end together.” — Kangin
“Super Junior has been poisoned by E.L.F.” — Kangin
“I hope we (Super Junior and E.L.F.) can be the one forever.” — Shindong
Sungmin’s quotes
“You guys (E.L.F.) are all so precious for me. Can’t be change with each other.” —Eunhyuk
“If my life has a book, I will write a word ‘Super Junior’ the biggest in it.” —Eunhyuk
“Even after I get old, I want to sing for them (E.L.F.).” — Eunhyuk
“Although we are different, we know that we are always together. Although we don’t say ‘I love you’ to others, we know that we love each other. Although we don’t say we are one, we know that we are one. 13.” —Donghae
“I will keep in my heart, even after I die, the fact that I met E.L.F.” — Donghae
“You don’t need to be an E.L.F. from the beginning. You just need to be an E.L.F. until the end.” — Siwon
“They are (E.L.F.) like the heart which is the most necessary while I live.” —Siwon
“E.L.F. is just like my oxygen.” — Siwon
“When we went to China last time, fans would holding a big banner with Super Junior in it. When I saw it, I will start counting from 1 to 13. When I reached the 13th member, it felt like all members were gathering together again! I always believe, separation is just time problem. We definitely will be 13 together again!” —Ryeowook
“Super Junior is still be my favourite! Although I’m not there perform with other members, my heart still with 12 other members, believe me.” — Kibum
“E.L.F. is just like the shelter that I can rely upon.” — Kibum
“They are (E.L.F.) the existence that has to be there with us.” — Kyuhyun

“We are 14 members; Super Junior 13 + E.L.F.” — Kyuhyun
  • “You can’t find any maknae in any other group who is ruder than Kyuhyun.” -Leeteuk
  • Kangin: Who’s the scariest member when angry? | Heechul: Hangeng would be the scariest w/ his Chinese martial arts…
  • “Although it’s a little difficult to communicate, in understanding each other, Hankyung’s better than another Korean next door” -Heechul.
  • DH: “KH why you’re so crazy over game?” | KI: “Why?” | DH:”He said AISSH really loud! and I was like, what’s wrong?? and he was like..”I lost!!”
  • Kyuhyun: “I can’t drink at all~ on rainy days..” Kangin: “Game?” Kyuhyun: “Game of course!” – Chunji Radio
  • Kangin: “Do you guys like it when it rains?” Kyuhyun: “When i’m outdoors, it’s annoying but when i’m indoors i like it.” – Chunji Radio
  • Kyuhyun:”Heechul annyeong.” Heechul:”Geez! This kid, am I your chingu??!” – Intimate Note
  • “I think my noona is more beautiful than Hyukjae’s hyung noona. Kkkekeke~” – Kyuhyun
  • “I share a room with kyuhyun and he seriously stays up till 5 in the morning on a date with the computer *jealousy*” – Sungmin
  • Sungmin:”Kyuhyun-ah, why when you’re sleeping you always snores loudly and you even drools too!” | Kyuhyun:”Should I show you a mirror?”
  • KH (to KI):”I can’t stare you with another man, don’t give your heart to anyone else, you’re mine.” | SM:”YA! You bastard!” – Intimate Note
  • Hankyung: The two of us are complete idiots. | Heechul: hahaha! Indeed, we're two members w/ a very good relationship.
  • Heechul: Bring me some water! | Siwon: Yes hyung! Here~ | HC: You spit in it didn't you? I don't wanna drink it~ 
  • KH:"The best MV for me is neorago." | RW:"For me is Twins." | KH:"Great, without me in that MV?" - SJ's Foresight
  • ET: I'll take care of donghae, bcos it's my promise to his father. Protect super junior , bcos I'm the leader.
  • "I know Donghae hyung misses his parents more than anyone. His father in heaven and his mother in mokpo." - Kyuhyun
  • "There was once where I cried because i missed my parents. Donghae hyung was always beside me, comforting me." - Kyuhyun
  • No matter what anyone says, I will always stand on ELFs side and wont give up. - Heechul
  • "I will protect 13 members because I am the leader." - Leeteuk
  • "I won't die, don't give up" - Kyuhyun
  • "Eventhough my lovely father has already gone to heaven, but you are always in my heart." - Donghae
  • "Donghae's father who is in heaven, we love you" - Leeteuk
  • "To the fans who put join all our 13 names into one body. I'm very thankful." - Kangin
  • "We are their hyungs, but i only have you (Leeteuk) as my hyung." - Heechul
  • "We can make a promise to stay together forever" - Kangin
  • "If we have to split, it will be very sad, to me Super Junior are very important." -Eunhyuk
  • "Every moment, to every member who's always been with me, i want to say thank you" - Sungmin
  • "I have older brothers before me and younger brothers behind following me. I have everyone around me" - Sungmin
  • Siwon : “I want to have my first kiss in really beautiful church at night. I would go, with a woman I want to marry, and kiss her there."
  • Eunhyuk: “I would pick Yesung to be with me on a deserted island because then I would be the better looking one.”
  • Eeteuk : “When do you think a person dies? It's when you've been forgotten by people.”
  • Heechul : "I cant even look at her face,if i dont look at her face i can do anything"( sohee )
  • Kangin : "Don't just sit back and watch my performances, be by my side and pull me up when I'm down"
  • Heechul : "Kangin always calls me when he's drunk. I go there... and he's sleeping.. and i'm just there to pay."
  • Leeteuk is the president of all the girls -Sungmin
  •  "I think friendship is learning from Leeeuk hyung in Super Junior. Oh, I know, friendship is Super Junior." -Yesung
  • "Super Junior is a team that Teuk is leading" - Eunhyuk
  • "Super Junior is Leeteuk and kids. Hahahaha" - Donghae
  • "Even with SJ-KRY and SJ-M stuff too. It’s less fun when it’s not all 13 together" - Kyuhyun
  • "This year (2011) I’m going to be more successful…Everyone give me your luck!!" - Eunhyuk
  • "In the new year, I hope you become more healthy and may your days be filled with happiness. We love you more." - Donghae
  • "I'm Super Junior's pure young man, Sungmin." - Sungmin
  • "We are going stand on stage with happy mind. Cheer for Super Junior." - Yesung
  • "I wanted to give a present to Kangin Hyung. The fans wanted to hear his voice & they miss him, so I prepared A Short Journey." - Donghae
  • "Kyuhyun might look innocent, but he is really insolent." -Kangin 
  • [Intimate Note] Kyuhyun to Heechul:"Leave Hyukjae! You don't suit with him at all, he's too kind hearted compared to you!"
  • "If you become SJ's leader,what promise will you make?" | Eunhyuk:"I will give SJ freedom to date." | Leeteuk:"Don't you have that freedom alr?"
  • Leeteuk: "We ordered Jjajangmyun. it's cause of this I grew fat." Eunhyuk: "Give me a little. I wanna grow fat." LT: "Grow them yourself."
  • Eunhyuk: "Aren't we leading SJ to continue success?" Yesung: "That's true. There is Eunhyuk dancing in front and I'm singing at the back."
  • Yesung: "I tried rapping like Eunhyuk during our KRY's concert. Just then I realized that Eunhyuk's rap is really good!"
  • Leeteuk: "When I get married, a domestic robot will be invented." Eunhyuk: "I’ll develop one for you."
  • MC: Kibum, will you say sorry to your girlfriend? Honestly? | KB: I will even get on my knees.
  • SM: I'm so good at everything, I'm a genius. YS: Sungmin? SM: Yeah? YS: Stop talking nonsense. 


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